Hello from Al and Kathy Hildreth. We own and operate Shamrock’s Buzzy Bee. As a beekeeper, I have hives throughout Johnston County, NC.  We started in beekeeping in 2008 with two bee hives and expanded to 10 hives in 2009. Currently in 2013, we have 25 hives. 

Our customers love our local honey.  Our bees are kept with a natural method. We go into our bees every two weeks to check how they are doing. We only treat our bees as needed not twice a year like many beekeepers do.  The last time I treated a hive for varroa and tracheal mites was in the Spring of 2009.  I have used powdered sugar to control mites and use Honey Bee Healthy to keep the hives going healthy.  Honey Bee Healthy is described here if you have further interest: http://honeybhealthy.com/HoneyBHealthy.html .  Although we do not spray around our bee hives, honey bees can fly up to a 5 mile radius so we cannot guarantee the honey is organic honey. We can only trust the honey bees will bring back good and healthy sweet stuff to make the honey we enjoy.

My hives are pure and natural without contaminants, but not certified organic. I place the bees on farms with farmers who give extra attention to how they control pests to their crops.  They are fully aware that honeybees are struggling to survive and they are playing a part in their survival.  The farmers benefit from pollination and I benefit from having a place to keep the bees.  The farmers I work with have smaller farms as large monoculture crops can make the bees weak.  They are like us, they need a diverse diet.

Since our honey bees are located on small farms, and not large monoculture farms, our honey is Wildflower honey. This means, the honey bees are allowed to collect what is ever blooming and bring it back to the hive.  They do pollinate the crops, but collect more nectar from wild flowers.


Clayton Farm and Community Market -
(Corner of E. Main St and Lombard St)
348 E. Main St
Clayton, NC
Year-Round - Check Facebook

Lees Produce -
(Honey - Pints only)
401 W. Main St
Clayton, NC

Sherry’s Signature Cheesecake - http://signaturecheesecakes.com/
(Honey - Pints only)
120 East Main St
Clayton, NC

Warren Drug Store -
(Honey – Pints only)
309 E Main St
Benson, NC


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