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chrome vinyl wrap

Fleet Engineering Department I am a fleet engineer at a large company in the Dallas-area. Our fleet includes hundreds of vehicles. chrome vinyl wrap Accurate signs was a great company to work with on a project. Accurate Signs met with me individually to understand our needs. Special Project Although we needed five decals, there were many options to create a complete package. We wanted to draw attention to the vehicle's presence, chrome vinyl wrap but not distract from it. www.vinylcarwrapshop.com The desire for a visually appealing design was paramount once the process started. chrome vinyl wrap Fleet-wide deployment is a reflection of who we are as an organisation. Accurate Sign's flexibility allowed us to create five decal sets that met or exceeded all requirements and had an appearance that reflected the public image we want to project.

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Quality Service Accurate Signs' Doug Baton went above and beyond the design process to help with logistics and product delivery. chrome vinyl wrap This enabled seamless implementation across 150 vehicles. chrome vinyl wrap motorcycle chrome vinyl wrap The decals were delivered promptly and in a well-organized manner. Accurate Signs was open and honest throughout the entire process. Accurate Signs was a great choice and we are happy with their work. Mike D. - Fleet Engineering Department

chrome vinyl wrap